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Welcome to the fasttrack to your new website! This tool helps you articulate your visions and requirements for your new site. It connects your ideas with the expertise of web developers, ensuring mutual understanding.

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Three sections

Content Strategy

This section focuses on defining the primary objectives of the website, identifying the target audience, and outlining the key messaging and content requirements. Clients are prompted to articulate their goals for the website, describe their ideal visitors, and specify the types of content they wish to include.


The Style section delves into the visual aspects of the website, including design preferences, branding elements, and imagery. Clients are encouraged to describe the overall look and feel they envision for their website, provide examples of websites they admire, and specify their preferred color schemes and branding elements.


The Organizational section addresses practical considerations such as deadline and budget. This information is essential to plan the project timeline and ensure meeting expectations within a given budget.

Each section offers concrete prompts and questions regarding different important topics for creating a new Website.

By guiding clients through these structured prompts, the Homepage Canvas ensures that both clients and developers have a clear understanding of the project requirements from the outset. This clarity minimizes misunderstandings, reduces development time, and ultimately can lead to more successful outcomes for website projects with less effort for both clients and developers.

Open-Source & free to use

Free to use under the Creative Commons License

You are free to use, share and adapt the Homepage Canvas, while giving appropriate credit, providing a link to the license and indicating if changes were made.

Creative Commons License

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